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The Top 5 Mistakes intelligent Home Buyers make and how to avoid them.

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As a professional realtor with experience since 1988, I have a marketing plan that while not a guarantee, is absolutely the best there is. Interested in how to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time? I can show you how it is done. Contact me for a confidential discussion!

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Who are the Condo Investors in Toronto

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Government removes non-bank lenders from the playing field

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3 People You Need - A Lawyer, A Real Estate Agent, and a Banker.

It’s the simple things that make the biggest difference.  

lawyer banker agentIt all comes down to the most basic of human interactions.  Trust.  You are going to need 3 key professionals in your corner; a Lawyer, a Banker and a Real Estate Agent.

The Banker is critical at both ends of your journey.  Before you start out – if you have a mortgage -you need to know if that mortgage is portable to a new house or condo and if there is a discharge penalty for early cancellation and how much.  Is your existing CMHC Insurance portable?  (Save yourself thousands of dollars)  If you will need a new mortgage for a property you are intending to buy set that up now.  It is free and surprisingly easy however there are a few crucial items, even counter intuitive items to consider before you even consider speaking to a bank or mortgage broker.  More on that later. (a #4) 

The Real Estate Agent will be the person you spend the most time with and you need a highly developed relationship based, again on trust. And we will explore some effective ways for you to make certain you are working with the right people. The Real Estate Agent can be your pivot point for a recommendation of a Lawyer and a Lender.  Best practice for any recommendation is to supply 3 names this reduces the risk of the Agent appearing to have a conflict of interest.  Hopefully the Agent will make recommendations based on their previously good experiences with these professionals. 

The Lawyer comes into the picture closer to the end of the process (but you need to get your ducks in a row now) and handles the trust relationships between your Bank, the Sellers Lawyer, CMHC and the Tax Man. Clients can now execute all closing documents from the comfort of their home or a real estate office.  Remote video conference services available from some law firms bring the lawyer and closing documents right to your own home or office. This includes after hours and week end appointments.  The legal work required when buying a condo or house has become something akin to a commodity.  Some Lawyers will publish a menu of services and price list.  A fixed cost home closing package provided by a few law firms will provide quotations that include legal fees, disbursements, (a) title insurance and a variety of other services and options.  

Lawyers tend to specialize in the field and might also assist in writing a will (this is a good time to take care of that if you have not done so).  Don’t look for a lawyer with office space in the high rent district downtown as some of what they charge will go to higher office expenses and the fee might be more because of it.  You no longer have to leave home to see your lawyer. You probably only ever have to meet once or twice so location is not a big concern.  

Disbursements are fees and expenses incurred by your Lawyer and passed on to you.  Including preparation of all documents, adjustments, legal correspondence, legal advice, attending to sign documents and closing in registry office and disbursing closing funds. Ballpark total closing cost legal bill for an average house or condo in Toronto is $1,500.  Normally paid on closing day.





The Top 5 Mistakes intelligent Home Buyers make and how to avoid them.

Get over 400% ROI with just one of these 5 DIY improvements.

A free , no obligation home evaluation get the most for your home

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